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Why You Should Speak With An Agent Before Signing Up For Medicare Health Insurance

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When you have reached a particular age or happen to come down with certain ailments, you become eligible to receive Medicare health insurance. Medicare is a federal program designed to provide medical coverage to segments of the population who may no longer hold employee-sponsored coverage. Once you qualify for Medicare, you are usually sent a red, white, and blue medical card that is to be presented to the doctor when you need to receive care. However, although the process seems automatic, there is much more to Medicare than what meets the eye. Find out why it is so vital for you to talk with a licensed insurance representative before signing up for Medicare.

You May Have Extended Options

Getting Parts A and B of Original Medicare is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more beneath the surface, but if you don't consult with a professional, there is a lot you could be leaving on the table. How would you feel about receiving free transportation to your medical appointments? Or, perhaps you get excited at the thought of getting a free gym membership? These are just a sampling of the many perks you could receive if you expand your mind and your options.

When you speak with an agent, they will likely ask you for your address so they can see what Medicare Advantage or Supplemental plans are available in your area. They can then make you aware of the choices and outline the benefits of each option. You'll begin to see that sticking with Original Medicare might be the easy choice but may not be the most advantageous one.

Assistance Could Be On The Table

Some Medicare Advantage plans are available for a zero dollar premium, and you might even be able to wipe out the premium that is typically due for Part B of the Original Medicare coverage. Imagine how much money you could save each month while still being able to enjoy fantastic amenities that aren't available under standard Medicare. You have the opportunity to set yourself on a course that includes preventative care such as cancer screenings. It's just one more way for you to look after yourself and live healthily as long as possible. 

You've earned the protection and have the right to take full advantage of it. Call up a local Medicare insurance professional and see how they can help you find the right coverage for your situation.