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Hail Damage: Should You Have It Repaired?

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Hail damage is a fairly common occurrence that may seem like just an annoyance. Unless your car is relatively new, a few superficial dings may not seem important. However, in some cases, you should file a claim and get your hail damage fixed. If you have a vehicle that's been hit by hail, you need to carefully consider the circumstances.


If you don't carry the right insurance, your hail damage will not be covered. Only comprehensive insurance handles that kind of damage, so if you only carry a liability policy, your hail dents will probably stay put unless you are willing to cover all repair costs. If you are only carrying liability, chances are your car is on the older side and fixing the damage will not significantly impact the value of your car. If you have a newer vehicle, comprehensive coverage is a good idea. 


Even if you have comprehensive insurance, you may not want to make a claim on the damage simply because paying the deductible is not worth the difference the repairs will make in the value of your car. Before you file, you should do a little research. Blue book value will give you a good idea of what moderate to severe body damage will do to the worth of your car. Obviously, if fixing the car will cost you $1,000 but will add $2,000 in value, you should have the repairs made. 


Sometimes, the financial aspects are not everything. If you have an older car that you plan to keep for years, having the dents fixed may be worth the investment to you. Today's vehicles do last longer, so you can reasonably expect to have yours for ten years or more. In fact, the average age of vehicles now being driven is approximately 11 1/2 years. You may not wish to drive a dinged up vehicle for years and years. In that case, paying $500 or $1000 dollars for your deductible may well be worth it. 

Hail damage can be comprised of only a few scattered dings or some major craters caused by golf ball sized chunks. In many cases, having the body damage repaired is worth it simply to maintain the value of your vehicle. When your car is older, the choice has more to do with appearance. Talk to your insurance agent and a body shop before you make your repair decision, or contact a public adjuster like Skipton Claims Management