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Saving On Auto Insurance: Five Discounts You May Not Have Heard Of

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Nearly everyone with auto insurance is looking for a way to save on his or her premium. Although auto insurance can be expensive, it is a necessary expense. Fortunately, there are plenty of discounts to help lower the costs of protecting your beloved vehicle—and the drivers inside.

If you are looking to save money too, consider looking into these five auto insurance discounts you may not have heard of:

1. Parking in a Garage

Do you park your car in a garage? If so, ask your insurance provider about "garage parking" discounts. Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for parking your car in a secured—and covered—garage.

The reason for this discount is simple: your car is safer from weather and thieves.

2. Liking Your Provider on Social Media Sites

If you are active on social media—and even if you're not—it may pay to give your insurance provider a "like" or "follow." Oftentimes, insurance providers will offer automatic discounts to those that actively follow them on social media. After all, "liking" or "following" the provider will give them more exposure—especially if you share, like, or follow any of their posts.

3. Going "Green"

Many companies—even non-insurance providers—offer discounts to their customers who go "green" and opt for paper-less statements. Opting for online statements save the company time, paper, and effort—which in turn, saves you money.

You can also get discounts for driving an eco-friendly car, such as a hybrid or a cross between a hybrid and traditional fuel vehicle.

4. Getting Engaged or Married

Surprisingly, couples obtain bigger discounts on auto insurance. If you are engaged or are already married, talk to your insurance provider about any potential discounts. You may be able to score a great deal, as many insurance companies believe that couples tend to drive safer. Just make sure that your soon-to-be partner has a good driving record—otherwise, your premium may increase.

5. Graduating School

Depending on the school you attended, you may be able to get a college-exclusive discount. If you have already graduated college, talk to your alumni association—or the insurance company—to see if there are any discounts available to you.

If you are in college, make sure you get good grades. Oftentimes, insurance providers will offer discounted fees to those who have a specific grade point average (GPA).

Other discounts you may be able to find include senior citizens discounts, shopping early, and having kids.

If you are looking for ways to save on your auto insurance costs, definitely look into these discounts. You may wind up saving quite a bit each year.