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Increase Your Likelihood Of A Safe-Driving Discount By Making These Three Driving Changes

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When it comes to the rate that you pay for your auto insurance, one of the best ways that you can keep this rate from increasing—and even experience a rate drop—is to stay safe when you're on the road. Simply put, your insurance provider will financially reward you for not being at fault in any accidents with a rate reduction. Typically, you'll need to have a track record of three years to be eligible for this discount. Whether you're approaching the three-year mark and are determined to stay safe or you're simply wanting to reduce your risk of a rate-raising accident, here are three changes you can make.

Follow At A Greater Distance

Some drivers make the mistake of following too closely behind other motorists, especially while running late to work or an appointment. The risk with this form of aggressive driving, however, is that you might not have time to react if the other driver brakes suddenly—and you'll find yourself in an at-fault accident that could increase your insurance rate. A simple way to reduce this risk is to follow at a greater distance. You should be three to four seconds behind any vehicle in front of you, but it's beneficial to increase this interval during inclement weather, poor visibility or other situations that could limit your ability to stop quickly.

Use Your Mirrors More

Failing to use your mirrors can make you unaware of vehicles around you and leave you in a higher risk of being at fault in an accident. It's advisable to briefly check your mirrors every five seconds. One method of doing so is through a quick scan—glance at your center rearview mirror, back at the road, and then at each of your side mirrors. Using the mirrors shouldn't involve anything beyond a quick glance, but this quick check can make you better aware of your surroundings and help you keep your insurance rate low by avoiding accidents.

Check The Road Conditions

Snow and even rain can make the driving conditions treacherous and result in a heightened risk of being in accident. It's beneficial to get into the habit of checking the road conditions and the forecast before you go out. Mobile apps can indicate the nature of the road surfaces in your community and reveal whether they're dry, wet or slippery. In the latter case, you might think about staying home—when possible—until the conditions have improved.

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