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Why Women Pay Less For Auto Insurance

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If you are looking for the best rates for your next auto insurance policy, there are some things that you need to know about the industry. More importantly, it is better for you to understand how these rates are being calculated, specifically when gender plays a factor. This said, below are a few factors that show why women tend to pay less for auto insurance.

Accident Frequency

It is important to note that women are more cognizant of wearing their seat belts when they drive while some men tend to neglect even putting them on. This reflects that men are at a greater risk of having serious injuries if they are in a vehicle accident. In these cases, the insurance company will also pay out more in medical-related claims when this occurs. These factors can drive up insurance rates quite substantially for men shopping around for insurance rates. 

Men vs. Women in Receiving Speeding Tickets

Some people tend to drive faster than others because of the distance to work and they can't risk being late. You may think you have made a mental note of where all traffic cameras are at to avoid a ticket. For others, it's the thrill of the open highway and potential to get caught. However, regardless of their destination, on the highway or in the city, men tend to take much greater risks by speeding.

To support these facts, there are numerous traffic reports reflecting that the number of fatal accidents increases in numbers when comparing men to women. For instance, according to CBSNews.com, men are much more likely to get a ticket for reckless driving than women.

Driving Under the Influence and Gender Statistics

Driving under the influence is another area in which men are deemed as being adversely affected in higher insurance rates as well. Since DUIs are responsible for impairing the driver's judgment, you will also find that men's rates are higher than women's. DrunkDrivingStats.Org reports that in 2010, approximately 4 out of every 5 DUIs were caused by men.

So now you have an idea of why women tend to pay less for auto insurance. There are other factors that do play a part --  the lower frequency of accidents, fewer speeding tickets, and fewer DUI's are a major part of that calculation. A local insurance agent, like Jeff  Hug Insurance, is the first person to turn to to find out how to lower your rates, regardless of your gender.